You wrap your soft hands warm with flour
Around me when I’m sad.
Smell of masa in the champurada
And keep me brown with your bright skies. 
Your salty air from the Gulf of Mexico lulls me to sleep;
The corridos you hum make me dream of long lost times when this was our land,
Not the strangers we now are.
Your chocolate eyes peer into my soul,
Make me question all things
And encourage me to keep looking for answers.
Even though you tell me to explore the world,
You don’t mean it. 
You want me to stay home
Stay same
Stay close to what I know
What I am familiar with 
What make me comfortable.
But you know I must leave in order to grow,
To become more than you can offer.
No matter how many time I leave though,
I will be back, 
I will be waiting for your embrace, your bendición,
Your tears to welcome be back like I never left.
Emily Anna Holinka Linares is originally from Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. but grew up in Brownsville, Texas. She is a full-time high school English teacher in Centerton, AR, and mother to three sons. She misses the Rio Grande Valley but knows in her heart one day she will be back to bask in her warmth.

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