cunt. bomb.
Coming Soon: March 2019
What's Featured?
This special feature is a sneak peak for cunt. bomb., a new book that will be released in February 2019. 

What Others Have to Say​​​​​​​
Jessica Helen Lopez reminds us that “We are not our fathers’ daughters, Our husbands’ wives, We are our mothers’ weeping.”  Her writing is the spell we need to remember how holy we are, how complicated, how impossible. This book is how you crawl out of a grave. How you resurrect. How you levitate. How you encounter your own magic. And I am so honored to walk in this world while she is here. 
- Dominique Christina,
National Poetry Slam Champion 2011,
Women of the World Slam Champion 2012 & 2014,
National Poetry Series Winner 2017 

Once again, Jessica Helen Lopez does not welcome, but dares men to enter the truth of all weather that is Woman. These poems are the goal of many but the achievement of one. Lopez has the ability to describe wrath and loss as a pretty dream, a scar as a “blood star,” and the anatomy that is woman as a galaxy. She has a natural way of inspiring the reader and reminding us the work of writing matters.
- John S. Blake, poet, performer, youth activist, and overall survivor

Breathtakingly tender, playful, and generous one moment; sharp and unapologetically brutal the next, these poems transport the reader into the complex landscape of feminine power with a dynamic but inarguable force. Honest to the marrow, Lopez never sugarcoats. And yet this work rings with a sweetness nonetheless: the kind it takes a warrior to earn. Lopez knows what she’s fighting for, what has been lost, and where to attack to set the wheels of justice in motion. Most importantly, she has the teeth for it. 
- Tatyana Brown, Editor of Tandem literary journal,
curator of San Francisco's premiere poetry reading/slam The Lit Slam