cunt. bomb.
Coming Soon: February 2019
Cunt. Bomb.
the c is as insidious
as a paper cut
as pleasurable as a paper boat—
if you happen to know how to fold
one and let it ride
the u of it lies between your legs
look down lovingly
lucky you if you happen to have one
pet it if you will
pet it as if it is the pet
rabbit your mother
never let you have
the cunt is absolutely
not a bomb
it will not hand-grenade explode
your skull open like a cantaloupe
brain matter writhing against
the wall behind your head
it will not shred your hands
to lace if you happen to finger 
the trigger every now and now
the cunt is 
most definitely
a bomb
you may strap it to your chest
and there it will reside like
your own personal rattlesnake
do not attempt to rob banks with it
Do however –
tell your boss that you own a cunt
(you have the receipt to prove it)
and watch how on the inside 
he faints like little boy blue
Do however –
tell your teacher that you can spell cunt
that if you happen to extract letters
from the available alphabet
and arrange them in a certain fashion
this is what 
you get:
the cunt is not a rude house guest
soiling the kitchen towels, sneaking
bacon scraps to your arthritic dog
the cunt is not a rapist
nor a necromancer
because Webster says it so
cunt is the most disparaging word
in the English language
it will make men
both want to fuck you
and bash your face in
because of this they are fire engine
and embarrassed
because of this
you should wear it 
like a good perfume on
the soft side of the wrists
which is to say the n
forces your tongue to the 
top of your mouth
causing you to bare
your teeth ever slightly so
note that the t is the marvel of it all
tying everything up 
in a neat and tidied corset
like a coin purse
or a straight jacket
Here are some fun things you too
can do with the word cunt – 
Google it and it is insured 
you will have hours of fun
hold it to the sunlight
like your favorite kaleidoscope 
create a word search
in which every word is
the word cunt
reconcile the word cunt
by writing a poem no one
will ever publish 
challenge yourself to define
the word cunt to your nine year-old daughter
rack up a triple letter score
next time you scrabble
translate cunt en espanol
and impress your folks 
with such tonguetastics as –
and the ever masculine version –
there is nothing
more sensual than
a cunt who can wear a tilde 
like a party dress
recall that the cunt 
yields great power
which is to say
it will scare great many
a people
one last 
scrawl the word cunt
on one hundred and one
small pieces of white paper
each a small and distinct snowflake
insert into randomly selected books
located on the shelves of your
favorite library
walk away and wait
watch the fallout
for years and years and years
to come
the word cunt 
will float 
back down to earth
like confetti 
or a deafening