Film title: ‘inconsequence’

Year of production: 2017

Duration: 00:03:04

Original Composition & Sound: Ryan Hill

Video Footage: David Anthony Sant

Field Recording (music diffused on a speaker in Slavutych): Felix Blume

Vestiges of temporal migrant populations behind fenced yards. Vacant buildings which once furnished the social and employment needs of a populace. Hedonistic fodder channelling an insatiable desire for consumption. Transience and permanence.
David Anthony Sant was born in Sydney, Australia. His film making achievements are recognised within a significant number of International film making collectives who regularly screen and showcase his work. The films he has directed and produced combine experimental visuals and sound. A subject that re-occurs in many of his films is the experience of location and space. These films are often films about space and spaciousness as experienced within urban environments. 

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