What in the heart
enables the justification
of our outward walls,
     our inward walls,
     our divisions?
Ruddy faces, stubby fingers
(the stranger approach)
stabbing, stamping figures
        of hate.
Do our baffled eyes hear?
Do our confounded ears see?
The Divide is drawn:
         those who can
         those who cannot
comprehend compassion,
hearts cannot but weep,
by this state of disunity.
Hear these confused souls abound. 
See these bewildered minds abound.
       Of Love
no voice shouts, shares
(the kindred approach)
smiling faces, healing words.
       Our divisions,
       our outward walls,
are our inward walls.
And our brothers and sisters
will ever be our own bruised hearts.


Busloads, caravans,
       miles of earthly bodies
       miles of hungry brethren
seeking asylum
       fleeing oppression,
Extend hands to embrace
                           to invite.
Expand hearts to include
                           to embolden.
Imagine a time when we are one.
                           To inspire
expand your heart space.
                           To enlighten
extend your open hands.
        defeats divisions,
provides sanctuary
        to our needy siblings
        to each celestial seeker
migrating home.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
               your huddled masses…”
We hunger, Lord,
               for freedom.
We are tired, Lord,
               of bondage.
What is freedom and what is bondage?
What is freedom, if not bondage in you?
Not chains, nor walls, nor boundaries can confine this spirit,
this released granted to those welded to you,
this escape bestowed to your beloved.
               Of bondage,
You promise release.
               For freedom,
You feed my soul.
               “Send these, the homeless,
tempest-tost to me…” 

This union was built upon a rock.
         Not a stone intended
         to pummel 
                 a blasphemer
                 an adulterer
         to death,
but a foundation 
Truth will not be denied.
mercy promised.
        A new life
                 to the sinner in you
                 to the sinner in me
        to restore
        every single injury.
This union was built upon the rock.
Nathan Wade Calley is an educator living and working in Brownsville, TX.

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