Escaping from a country that only had violence and poverty to offer
To ironically fall into the hands of a patriotic, capitalist nation
Not that its bad not that its good, it’s just not how you thought it would look
You let yourself be mistreated in order to feed your children
The children that no longer speak their native language
They come from school demanding new shoes
You cry alone, thinking how your going to feed them tomorrow
The American culture has crawl upon their veins, pushing their roots away
You hear talk at night about hating their skin color
Once again you ask yourself if living here is worth the suffer
Gabriela Alvarez is currently a student at Texas Southmost College that will transfer to UTRGV in Fall 2018 to pursue a career in psychology. As a Mexican-American herself and being the first generation to graduate from high school and attend college in her family she is knowledgeable of the struggles faced by a Mexican in the U.S. This poem was inspired by the struggles women in her family had gone through to create better opportunities for the future generations.

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