Any ideas? 
the standing teacher asks 
any ideas? is she kidding or what? 
i have no one idea 
i have tons of ideas 
tons of ideas are overflowing my brain 
tons of ideas are getting stuck on my mind 
because each time I’ve tried 
to say something in this class 
only silly, ridiculous sounds come-out from my mouth 
Any comments? 
there she’s asking again 
of course, I have comments 
of course, I have ideas 
only they keep getting entangled 
in every darn part of my body 
where impotence hurts and harshly bruises me 

but as with my sounds 
nothing comes out 
Come on, tell me about... the sky 
and she thinks she is helping 
she has already taught us the rainbow colors 
that we diligently had repeated for hours 
so, in her mind we should be able to describe the sky!! 

how could I begin 
to tell the memories and dreams 
the images that shape my soul 
the sounds that are my heart beats 
i sound a phrase 
the sky is blue
an intrinsic part of my body-soul breaks 
an english phrase has come out 
there are funny words i can’t feel 
as i realized that in the ESL classroom 
Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto is a faculty member at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum Theory and Educational Policies for Linguistic Minorities from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto's writing as well as her academic research departs from identifying herself as a woman of color, a Borderlands Mestiza, and a non-mainstream person in the US. From that perspective, she explores the construction and transmission of knowledge. Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto is a veteran teacher, she has taught in urban and rural settings, in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto is an avid ethnographer who uses narrative inquiry, photography, and poetry as tools to learn and communicate. Currently, she is working in two projects, a Poetry Collection, "Finding Home in Memory: Stories of Immigration, Diaspora, and Dis/location” and, she is conducting research on the USA/Mexico border

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