When I was a good little girl back in Xalapa, my hometown; with my family and my friends and even a dog.
Everybody used to know me in “la tiendita” in the corner of my block. En la escuela I was loved, I had everything I wanted and I was happy… was I?

While I was finishing college, I was planning “Mi boda”, because in México that’s what you do; you go to school and you get married, that’s what you do and I thought I was happy… was I? I cancelled my wedding, apparently, I was too liberal for his taste, so I moved to the US leaving everything behind. I disappointed my family; I was a shame for everybody so I moved alone to the Rio Grande Valley.

I can’t say that I was happy, but I kept myself strong. I started my new life in a new country, I worked hard I had two jobs; my brother gave me comfort while everybody else turned their back to me, but at what price? How should I know… after he abused of my trust and I to let him go, and as sick as it sounds I still feel the pain of my lost.

              Again I was lost. Again I was alone. But sometimes I don’t know what was better.
“Mi mamá” used to tell me that we all women suffer “That is our fate”, that is our bad luck I guess… being women.

              I guess that’s why I can say that I’m a rebel. I am a scandal. Soy la que tiene que ir al baño cada 15 minutos o le explota la vegiga. Soy la que no puede estar en el sol, ni lejos de una ventana. I am the fighter. I am the one with the bad English and the weird accent. La mexicanita…
Quién soy? …Quién soy?
Soy una soñadora en espera de mi sueño americano. I am hope. I believe in hope. I am a fighter of MY cause and I will keep fighting as long as I have to.
…I am on my way to find my way home, because for now, my house is here.
Silvia Vera-Huesca. MFA (Master in Fine Arts). Estudió licenciatura en teatro UV, maestría en escritura creativa UT Texas, certificación como educadora y maestra de teatro en Estados Unidos. Escritora, Actriz y directora de varias puestas en escena en México y Estados Unidos, acreedoras a varios premios como PSIA y UIL One Act Play, solo & duet en Texas. Miembro activo de la asociación “Latino theatre initiative” de la Universidad de Texas, así como de TETA (Texas Educational theatre association). Actualmente docente en la Fac. de teatro de la Universidad Veracruzana y en la EVCLB.

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