I am
Toy fixer and game inventor,
Tear stopper and bully guard
I am
Never sleeping
Even when I am, I wake up and have dreams about my classroom and if I forgot her grades...
I am
Grade giver and smile maker.
Direction commander,
And loving nurturer.
I am an amateur doctor, although most of my prescriptions include “Drink some water” or “sit down.”
I am
Copy machinist extraordinaire,
Expert lesson planner,
Although I hardly get through my original plans.
I am
Fly by the seat of my pants,
No, please don’t put those there,
Lesson planner.
Did I say that already?
That’s inappropriate.
We don’t talk about that at school,
For heaven’s sake, SIT IN YOUR SEAT
Song singer and knowledge bestower
Always grading, ever knowing, what do you mean you don’t have a pencil?!
I am teacher.
Kaylee Hernandez is teaching full time after running from reality for a few years. She is a totally sane cat lady, who enjoys antique shopping and hot teas. She hopes to change the world with her poetry.

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