I Am From……..
---South Texas or better known as El Valle or “EL Otro Lado” for my family en Matamoros.
--- a place where they have streets with Spanish and English words, but nobody finds them weird like my childhood street (Blanco River)
---Rosalba and Jose, mis jefes who are always fighting but don’t touch one of them por que se arma
--- a place where they have taco Tuesdays and pitadas en “La Southmost” for every Cowboys or Mexicos team win.
--- not knowing what to wear the next day because it could rain, be hot, or snow the next day.
--- turkey and green beans on November and tamales y frijoles charros on December.
--- a culture where kids get chanclas thrown at but is fine with everyone 
---the kid got sick por que le isieron ojo or take them to grandma Maria para que aga un remedio.
--- vamos a Matamoros por que el doctor is cheaper. 
---recalientados of whatever was left from the party the night before por que “la comida no se desperdise.”
---playing tasos with my primos from Mexico and playing pokeman cards with my cousins from here.
---las juntadas de familia para ver el box o el soccer game, where my tias go inside para ablar del chisme de sus vecinas.
--- dias inolvidalbes with my primos where we used to play luchitas asta que el mas chiko started crying and we used to do the best to make him stop y no chismiara
--- doing retas de futbol con los vecinos after Sunday church while our parents do cookouts.
--- going to the beach the next day of the quinceneara to keep celebrating the birthday girl and us boys getting our first car at fifteen por que los hombres no agaran quiencenearas
--- being scared to go to dark rooms por los cuentos de la llorona or la mano peluda que los older primos nos cuentan.
--- elotes, proppapas, aguas frescas every Saturday cuando camos a la pulga.
--- going to grandma’s para un caldos de pollo on rainy days y arroz con leche on cold winters.
--- chasing el ice cream truck man con los primos en las bisis para agarar un rico bolis de Rompope or some Fritos pie with cheese 
---abrazos y balasos on ano nuevo to celebrate the beginning of a new year, the day where the kids go inside to hide from la llorona (falling bullets)
---dances que se asian all of nowhere with my family making night long and days unforgettable 
---listening to Mexican coridos with your tios as a kid having no clue what they were about but still sang them por que te asian mirar cool
--- getting gifts not just on Christmas or my birthday but also on dia de los ninos and cuando vienen los reyes majos..
--- putting garage sales on weekends to buy myself the new PSP, para jugar con mis amigos.
--- a barrio que me vio crecer y amigos que deje de ver. Soy del otro lado de mi Brownsville quierrido.
"I Am From" talks about how Jose Paulin grew up in a Hispanic culture.

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