I am from hardship. 
From struggles to glory. 
I am from the city of summer all year around, where humidity and hospitality come for free. From where the scent of flour tortillas play your morning alarm. 
I am from the single parent household where my mother played both roles.
From where her absence in are youth gave us the chance of growth.
I am from family. 
From loud and hungry. 
I am from the tables full of food at the usual weekend gathering. 
From where we savor the glory of my big brother’s fresh cat fish catch.
I am from the routine party’s that left countless memories.
From where your aunts and your uncles are telling the same stories.
I am from sadness. 
From loss and prayer. 
I am from the overwhelming loss of burying my brother. 
From where prayer helped me heal when I felt I would not prevail. 
I am from where loss brings you closer as a family.
From where we were close and grew closer in the face of tragedy.
I am from mischief.
From red sad faces and suspensions from school.
From where you hear behave yourself as you walk out the door.
I am from where discipline came with a side of spankings with the sandal.
From where my brother and I would take turns on who would take the blame.
I am from where childhood fun always landed me in trouble.
I am from paradise. 
From where sunsets and palm trees are everywhere in sight.
I am from where the best place for father son bonding happens on a beach.
From where there is a fishing rod in my hand and sand in my toes.
I am from where you can get to eat for free as long as you have skill.
From where a car full of sand and tan lines are just an added plus
Edgar Juarez is 29 years old from Brownsville, TX.

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