--Matamoros, Tamaulipas, mi Matamoros querido (my beloved Matamoros)
--Marcos Quintanilla and Maria De Los Angeles Quintanilla, mas opuestos que lo frio y caliente (more opposite than the cold and hot) but still loving parents to 3 daughters 
--a close family because nadie te va amar mejor (no one is going to love you better) 
--waking up early nada mas para ver (only to watch) Dragon Tales before I had to get to school
--going to my abuelitos (grandpa’s) house every Friday to eat caldo de pollo (chicken soup)
--visiting my abuelita (grandma) Aurora todos los domingos (every Sunday) even if her house was hotter than Tabasco hot sauce
--elotes asados y raspas de chamoy (roasted corn and chamoy snow cones)
--hearing the bells on Don Chavelo’s fruit cart announcing to the colonia (suburb) that we can now buy fruit cups
--listening to Wisin y Yandel and Daddy Yankee every Saturday morning mientras haciamos los quehaceres de la casa (meanwhile we did the chores around the house)
--being asked constantly que si soy familia de (if I am family of) Selena o Beto Quintanilla 
--going over to my Tio (uncle) Freddy’s house every thanksgiving and navidad (Christmas) 
--going to the Feria (fair) every holiday season to get on the rides at the Plaza principal (main square) 
--buying chispas (sparklers) at the puente (bridge) to celebrate New Year’s Eve
--family game night playing loteria (lottery) yelling “BUENAS” to win the posito (jackpot)
--having a fiesta de cumpleaños (birthday party) every year with a piñata and a matching cake
--playing Barbie’s with my hermanas (sisters) after finishing our homework
--rushing to the panaderia (bakery) as soon as we experience the first cold front
--going to playa Bagdad cada Pascua para romper los cascarones con mi familia (the beach every Easter to crack eggs with my family)
--la colonia seccion 16 (the suburb section) de Matamoros Tamaulipas 
--moving to el otro lado (the other side) to Brownsville, Texas at the age of 3 
--dos hogares a traves del (two homes across the) Rio Grande
Anel Paulina Quintanilla is nineteen years old. She attends Texas Southmost College and plans to graduate in the summer so she can continue her studies in the fall at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. She has three older sisters: Angie, Aide, and Adriana, and her parents are Marcos and Maria Quintanilla. She is ambitious and rational. Her dreams consist of opening her own interior design firm and traveling the world.

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