I have constantly asked myself where I’m truly from. Is it my hometown, San Luis Potosi Mexico? Or Brownsville Texas, the place where I was raised in? Maybe I am from my father’s work ethic and my mother’s results? Dolefully there is not a descriptive label that specifically confirms where I am originated from.
              I like to think for the most part, I come from the gasping thoughts of my ancestors who once believed in life, liberty and the peruse of happiness also known as the American Dream. America has drowned individuals over the sphere to migrate and start a new life over centuries. For my ancestors coming to America was a chance they had to embrace a better lifestyle and open doors in seek of prosperous beginnings for future generations. The unembellished idea that promised success to all those who situated plus work hard in the land of the free and home of the brave became the drive to the start of my ancestor’s migration. Amazingly during the lengthy migration to the land of the free and home of the brave, my ancestors unconsciously carried me in their anxious thoughts. They believed that giving up their origins and homes would be a worthy sacrifice to open the doors for new opportunities that will serve their child and upcoming generations. I would later come to find out I had become the future generation my assistors looked out for. My quest was to become the great grandchildren of those who risked their lives in the blistering deserts and lethal rivers, therefore, I carry their legacies with honor and pride.
              The common denominator that has continually chain my ancestors and their descendants is a Hispanic identity, historical couture and a baggage full of dreams. As I grew older, I understood that the rhythm in my soul and the colors on my bones are nothing to be ashamed of since many of my ancestors who migrated to the land of “New Beginnings” died to keep my Hispanic culture alive.
              Maybe the profound thoughts that my ancestors carried years ago describes where I am from. Can it be right? I refuse to think that there is no more to me than just a simple idea that was carried along my great grandparents! I am also from the other side of the wall. A place near the sea, where many families are divided by a wall. Of course, I was provided with a new home where life, liberty and the pursue of happiness are my fundamental rights due to the sacrifice my ancestors did, but there is more to me! I am additionally from a humble life, simple goal and a complicated journey. Although I am not near half way down my journey or close to my goal I will carry my ancestor’s legacies who once crossed the Rio Grande River and make them proud as much as they had made me proud.
              Where I am from is a complex question to answer. Although I may often believe where I am from is defined by the nationality I was given or maybe the place I was raised. I believed I truly come from the beginning of a simple thought. What defines where I am from will never change regardless where I was born or how often I change locations. However, being the product of a simple thought does not totally define where I am from. My mother’s results, my father’s work ethic and the constant reminder of my culture and roots have helped me understand that it’s not where I am but from but where I want to go!

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