văn hoá Á Đông (Eastern Asian culture) that many people would like to explore and discover
gorgeous Da Nang city – the most livable city in Viet Nam - well-known for its những cây cầu
xinh đẹp (stunning bridges)
my dad and my mom, whom I love the most in this world
a cozy family, though we lasted difficult time, at the end of the day, we’re still happy together
affection of my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, those who always give me the best things
a sunny day more than nineteen years ago, that’s why my mom 
call me “Sunny”
những câu chuyện cổ tích (some fairy tales) my mom told me before I fell asleep when I was just a little girl
singing some kid songs with my friends every morning before class during my quãng thời
gian ở trường mẫu giáo (kindergarten time)
bursting into tears when I fell down but had to 
stood up again on my own
saturday afternoons, when I finished all my homework and were allowed to play dolls with other girls.
nhanh không thì trễ giờ học! (get up now or you will be late for school!)” – my mom shouted at me when I was still happy with my blanket on winter mornings.
những con đường (roads) on which my dad took me to school when the sun even didn’t rise yet
some of nights 
i had to stay up late to complete all assignments so that I could keep up with my intelligent classmates in my trường chuyên Nguyễn Khuyến (Nguyen Khuyen junior high school for the Gifted)
Dan and Trinh, bạn thân của tôi (my close friends), waiting for me in the 
school yard after studying to have some girl talk and giggle pleasantly
stormy days, it was raining cats and dogs outside, my mom and I made bánh xèo tôm thịt giòn rụm (crispy Vietnamese pancakes with shrimp and pork) that my family would enjoy when watching 
news on TV
short trips to Hue and Hoi An with my family, gazing sparkling stars on the beach in the night, walking an 
ancient town and taking some photos
tutoring my younger sister and when I got mad at her because she didn’t understand what I told her, my parents said: “it seems like World War 3 is going to break out here, huh?”
my dad often told me: “My little girl, daddy don’t think that you should rush to have a boyfriend”
my grandma made hot chicken soup and ginger tea for me when I got sick
listening to Happy New Year of ABBA on preparing Bánh Chưng (Square Rice Cake) for Lunar New Year
Tet holiday, I was still given tiền lì xì (lucky money) even though I was sixteen already
Roses blooming gorgeously in front of my house when Spring knocks my door and their smell is gone with the wind
Cicadas chorus as they want to notify that summer was coming and I had to say goodbye to my high school time
bittersweet high school memories with my fellow classmates and beloved teachers, and I knew that maybe all of us never have 
chance to meet again
letting go the sadness and holding on the good things
learning from yesterday, living for today and hoping for tomorrow.

Huyen M. Kieu (Sunny) was born in Da Nang, Vietnam and now living in Brownsville, Texas. Huyen loves writing, traveling, and cooking. Huyen lives by this quote: "Live boldly, push yourself, don't settle. You must be what you can be."

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