My hair is light and my skin is pale
But that does not mean I’m not one of you.
That does not mean I don’t enjoy the pachangas en la noche
And I don’t eat la salsa verde que me hace llorar y dice ‘Ay, que rico!”

You might look at me and think I don’t belong
“Ay, una guera que no sabe nada.”
But this is my home.
I can’t imagine belonging anywhere else than the land of cerveza y pan.
Esta es mi tierra tambien porque soy de Brownsville.
I am here, too.

You might look at me and see someone who looks like she belongs in Canada or Ohio but I cannot imagine belonging anywhere else. I belong to my land of dos mundos y dos tierras. I belong to rice and beans and tortillas de harina.
I belong to a place that has no predictable weather for any given hour

But you can bet on the palm trees swaying in the wind,
The bougainvilleas blooming in the spring
The tide coming and going; my constant in many a storm.
The climate may not be predictable, but I have come to love it anyway, this climate of thrashing thunderstorms and catastrophic hurricanes, calm seas and sunny days.

When you hear my last name and you see a picture of my dad with his piel moreno y bigote grande you are confused. Believe me, I’ve been confused my whole life. I don’t look like I belong. A lot of days I can feel it, too. Acceptance is hardly an easy task. But I have come to belong to this place of miel y leche…or rather pan y cerveza…
My hair is light and my skin is pale
But that does not mean I don’t belong here.

Kaylee Hernandez has 4 cats, 1 dog and no time like the present. She spends her days creating multimedia art from dolls to writing poetry. Kaylee hopes her art and writing will touch as many people as possible.

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