The loud sounds and bright lights of the big city life, are all you hear in the Houston panic
That is nothing compared to the footsteps of foreigners in my backyard
Brownsville Tx. A border town became my new home
At eight years old loud sounds would wake me up
Scurrying footsteps were all I heard besides my bedroom window
Quickly I would pull the covers over my head and pray thinking it was a ghost
As I got older I realized they were ghosts, but different kind of ghosts not the ones you see in frightening movies
These were ghosts, but they were alive
They were people from countries across the border wall
The fright of getting caught by “la migra” (border patrol) left a pale look on their face
The bites of the bugs left traces of their travels across the Rio Grande and marks like those that would resemble the ones on a zombie
Their clothes hung like they were the last survivors in an apocalyptic movie
Screams echoed through my backyard some of agony others in voices with accents that left me without comprehending their words
One day the ghosts began to fade away
It ended once the government started their own ghost busting operation
The streets in my neighborhood flooded with white and green SUVs
The sky was covered by electronic birds
Then after that day the ghosts went away and I no longer hid under the covers
But every time I drive past that wall I will remember the ghosts in my backyard
Laisha Perrett is a Houston native that moved to Brownsville at a young age. She is currently enrolled at TSC, but has dreams in attending the University of Houston. A young lady who wants to persuade a career in the architecture field. She also has a passion for fashion but loves writing poetry.

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