A corpse is found. The veins visible on gray skin coated in grass stains and mud. The arms are bent backwards and elbows broken from impact. Blonde hair is now dyed in greenish brown and nails cracked to the tips. The corpse is missing a pink slipper and a shirt, exposing a full belly. The eyes, wide and faded, look up from the bottom of the canal. “Is it an accident or a new addition tossed into the collection?” asked the officers staring back down at her wide faded eyes.
Diana Elizondo was born in Laredo Texas and spent most of her life in McAllen Texas. She earned her Master's degree in English at University of Texas Pan-American and M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Diana's poems have been published in literary journals and anthologies. Her first book, Smoked Blood and Lavender has been published in early 2017.

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