My living is hostile
People around me crawling
Their ideas scrap along my skin
Trying to seeps through its cracks

Im tired
When I say that I don't mean sleepy
I could sleep all day and still be tired
I mean my marrow aches from walking on a land that isn't mine anymore
My eyes dry and red from seeing the cruelty in these lands
My hair falling out because its being tugged on every direction

I want to go home
I don't want my house i need my shining bright home
Because I'm alone here
People pass my energy but they don't notice me because I'm not there

Screams and shouts come from me trying to trying to survive
I lose my touch I can't find a way to live
Even though I'm surrounded by people of my same skin I'm alone
My hair dark like so many other but my hot head burns another
I'm in my perfect environment

People breed people that resemble me
People have tounges like me
Their stomach cavings like me
I screams because I can't say it anymore I'm alone
I'm alone drowning in my perfect situations
Fish drown too

I can't be more poetic when trying to express
I see the screen which I long to reach but where am I
I go to buy clothes but I'm only stealing other cultures or conforming to one that isn't mine

I'm tired
I'm alone
I'm drowning
I'm done

When I was just a couple years younger
I dreamed upon stars
I truly believed if I wished hard enough I'll come true but
But I'm still awake in a underwater prison
My lungs started filling with self loathing
My eyelids still heavy

One spring day I'll finda breeze
One to lift me off my sorrow train
The hard iron of the tracks are rusting
I don't know go long I have
But I'm still awake
I'm still alone
I'm still tired
I'm still drowning
Marissa Pluto is a 9th grade student at the moment attending Los Fresnos United. Even though she is currently in a medical pathway she is drawn to poetry like a magnet. She is also 15 at the moment and writes most of her poetry under the name Marissa Pluto a name that's meaning shall not be revealed until much later in her life.

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