Message from the Artist
Oscar Walker was born the son of a sharecropper in Itta Bena Mississippi. As a young man he made his way to Memphis Tennessee where he created a life and family for himself despite the barriers and obstacles placed in the path of black folks. Alvin Walker is his son and the sole surviving member of the family he created. Alvin Walker and I share a life together.
This work is my tribute to the love and compassion I bore witness to between a father and son as they struggled in the end to let go.

Robert Morrissey is an exhibiting painter who currently lives and works in Portland Oregon. His work is informed by the struggles faced by individuals in connecting to one another. He enlists and portrays those individuals who populate his life in this pursuit. He is also a Board Certified Art Therapist. He has worked in the mental health and addictions field in NYC, LA and Portland for over 20 years.

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