Message From the Artist
In the midst of our current sociopolitical environment it can become very easy to get lost in all the commotion, the fake news, the xenophobia, the hegemony, and the political tensions as a whole. However, we as a community have proven ourselves many times over in history to be survivors, to be seekers of justice, to fight for our rights as human beings. We must not let these issues subdue us, we must flourish above all else, to come together and make change, for our future and the future of our Families. We must be resilient, like the nopal we have become all too familiar with, she grows despite the harsh winds, the pouring rain and the dry seasons. We must demonstrate growth and will like her, in order to create something which is all too beautiful to ignore in the face of ignorance.
Jessica Denise Villegas is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Working on her BFA at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and minoring in Mexican American Studies. She is inspired by the many facets that the borderland has to provide. She focuses on border politics, social issues and culture. She attributes the uniqueness of her pieces to the ideas and expressions of the many Latinx poets, artists, activists and philosophers who have created beautifully transparent and representative narratives of the Southwest Borderlands. She equips her heritage and the shared experiences and vernacular history collected throughout her years living along the Rio Grande to illuminate the prosperity and perseverance of the individuals who have made this place their home.

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