I come from a land that is two lands.
Two peoples, two cultures, one way of living.
We’ve been mixed up for so long you could never tell us apart,
like you spilled together two kinds of arroz
We don’t often agree and they’ve tried to tear us away by building up barricades and puentes.
But we know who we are and how the rice will never separate.
We are one in the same now and neither love, nor hatred, nor racist bigots will end us.
We stand strong in the face of our enemies, we always have. Read our history. We are the tierra de pan y miel
Dos mundos in one city.
Kaylee Hernandez has 4 cats, 1 dog and no time like the present. She spends her days creating multimedia art from dolls to writing poetry. Kaylee hopes her art and writing will touch as many people as possible.

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