I am the daily routine of fighting myself,
the attempt at redemption. 
The cornucopic dissonance resonating through my feeble resistance.
I am the echo of my past achievements,
the remnant of my hopes and dreams.
The clash of my insecurities and imposed standards. 
I am the envious afterthought,
the scold following the roast.
The consumption of values and morals. 
I am the imperfect target. 
The one who can withstand the blame. 
The pawn of life. 
I am the lie I tell myself. 
The separation of my inner conflict and my predisposition. 
The uncertainty of losing myself and staying rational. 
I am the embodiment of polar opposition. 
The strength in instability, 
the other side of the coin.
I am the pain of self-mutilation.
The exposure of premeditated actions,
the unyielding stubbornness that keeps me breathing. 
I am the hopeless idealization. 
The unexpected outcome or the lucky break,
the dream or the nightmare. 
I am the faithful undertone.
The reason and fault in living,
the endeavor of effort. 
I am everything I have told you, 
and what I have yet to say.
Frida Victoria Perez is a Mexican-American writer native of Brownsville, Texas. She grew up on both sides of the border, and developed a bi-cultural identity.

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