Description: Along the Mexico-U.S border, most prominently in the Southwest, there have been endless reports and events associated with drug trafficking, now the issue being dealt with here is not the rise in contraband associated crimes, rather the effects it has on the population, specifically women, who reside within these borders. Women who are either, coerced into participating in drug trafficking by threats of violence, who have lost family members to the cause or who are unable to provide for their families and have no other options. There are endless real and dangerous reasons, not excuses, why these women are being pushed into a corner with no other recourse. Women are the backbones of the family, they bend over backwards for the stability and well being of their loved ones, no matter the cost. These women are forced to weigh their options, the risk versus the punishment and at some point they deduce that the cons out weigh the pros.
Growing up in South Texas there has always been a constant struggle between what is and what is to be expected. Jessica has struggled with this dilemma, like many other Chicana women, between staying at home cooking and cleaning and learning to settle for the domesticated “normal” living of a women of color or seeking a more abstract and fulfilling future. Transferring colleges and changing her concentration from Marine Biology to Studio Art and Mexican American Studies, she has been able to slowly fulfill that future. Of expressing herself without boundaries, internal and external, and using the voice she was given in hopes to make a difference in this borderland.

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