Turn up the music.
Shut the door.
Drive faster.
Can’t stand it anymore. 
Don’t listen
Don’t breathe
Don’t try to think
If it all comes too fast
I’ll Titanic and sink.
Don’t feel
Don’t try
Don’t even care
It’s not like I’m going 
It hurts but I can’t feel a thing
All I want is some kind of sting.
Too much I know. 
Too much you don’t. 
Too much you aren't 
Too much, I can’t. 
Where do we go?
Why do we care?
Who cares or knows
what I do or don’t share.
Listen to me and let me be
I can’t take those looks from those judging eyes,
I can’t shake them
I know, I’ve tried.
Once before, and now again
Bite my lips, my nails, your chin.
When Kaylee Hernandez isn't teaching, she is petting cats or volunteering. She hopes her poetry brings clarity and relief to those who can relate.

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