Having been born in the Majico Valley has been a blessing. I am both brown and white...like a rich piece of milk chocolate candy bar...the kind with the velvety texture seducing one's tongue and palate. I come from a familia rich in traditions...these traditions which are fading as fast as the last day of summer sets in the pinkish golden Valley sky. How can I keep traditions from fading? Is there magic here? I realize change is inevitable.

Que paso con las tortillas y el menudo y las tripas que hacía abuelita? Oh now we have Taco Bell...the greatest Mexican food north of the border...NOT!

Que paso con los tacos de maíz y de barbacoa de el First Street Grocery cercas del barrio del Ramireno en Brownsville, Texas? Los tacos de ojo, lenguita y sesos...los que nos choriaban de manteca en nuestras batas de la Segunda el domingo por la mañana antes de la Santa Misa? Es triste si no probaste estos tacos. It saddens me if you have never experienced the taste of my childhood Sunday ritual tacos. I think menudo still runs through some of our veins from the childhood I remember.
Dr. Melba Salazar-Lucio, daughter of Maria Elena and Baltazar Salazar, was born in Edinburg, Texas and raised in Brownsville. Lucio has taught in secondary public schools and is currently teaching writing and composition courses at TSC and UTRGV. She married the love of her life, Juan David, and has 3 children, Monica Leah, David Daniel, and Erika Teresa. She also works for the University of California Berkeley as a National Writing Project Consultant and travels conducting writing workshops in two languages.
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