You came to me when your medication
failed you, thieving dopamine with your
slight hands. Came to me when
your friends betrayed you, giving you
cassava when you asked for castor seeds.
Came for me, whenever you let me
come into you, pussyfooting my way
through the whispered halves of truths
I asked you for. You came and went
at a whim, made it look easy. I know,
in truth, that nothing is easy; leaving
is the hardest place to come back from.
MA|DE is a collaborative writing partnership (formed in 2018) comprised of interdisciplinary artist Mark Laliberte (author of 'asemanticasymmetry' – Anstruther, 2017) and writer Jade Wallace (author of 'Rituals of Parsing' – Anstruther, 2018). Poems have appeared in Five:2:One, Guttural UK, Poetry is Dead, PRISM international, Rat’s Ass Review, The Anti-Languorous Project, Trinity Review and Vallum; 'Test Centre', their debut chapbook, was recently released by ZED Press. MA|DE is currently working on their first full-length collection
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