Being in my room, or better yet space, was never very fun. My room was the corner of our one bedroom trailer. It was also the living room and where our kitchen table hung. It hung because it was bolted to the wall. I try my hardest to stay away from my room and tend to visit it only to sleep. During the day people would use it for their talks and lunch. I hate the fact I could never have it to myself most of the time, and I always wondered what it felt like to have an actual room. A room with an actual bed, a closet, a television, and a theme of my choice. A room like most my friends in school had.

            During the night, the small window above the couch, or my bed, would make the wind howl like a disturbed woman in agony, and it is through this window that I would stare in amazement at nature’s beauty and magnificence. Looking out at the stars was my favorite thing to do while in my room, and when I got lucky: I got to marvel at beautiful storms. My space itself consisted of my bed, which is actually the trailer’s only couch; it had a navy blue color and an ugly sour smell I can’t figure out. The window above the couch was small and of an aluminum frame, big enough for my head to squeeze through, but nothing else. The kitchen table is brown and small; two people at the most can eat comfortably on it. It’s always so boring in my room and for some reason it frustrates my parents as they always get upset at my presence on the couch, but where else would I be?

            Every night before going to sleep, I looked out the window, and went into thoughtful moments in which I thanked god for all I have and sometimes asked for things I didn’t. Soon after I started feeling sleepy, I would begin to imagine myself playing with all the things I never had.

            There was never much to do in my room but sleep and dream.
Francisco Flores was born in Rio Grande City Texas in April 25, 1990. He is currently a student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Francisco graduated with his Bachelors of Arts in English in May 2016 and has begun graduate school.
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