Directions on How to Make and Slap Them with a Metaphorical Tortilla

Just blend:
a pinch of our history,
a dash of our differences,
1 tablespoon of diversity,
1 heaping scoop of Chican@ comino,
a handful of some sweet flowing “Academic” language to cover what they call “pungent” sabor.
Knead it all together with the abundance of Chingona in your panza that your Abuela fed you since birth.

Then once you have pressed it nicely onto the comal where your fingertips burn to leave that invisible seal, flip it to heat up both sides and make sure it is cooked with the sweat off the heads of your hard-working, immigrant parents and your own Chican@ stride.

Then and only then, slap them with it.

But stand proud and wait.

When you notice that it begins to sting, speak loudly, “Vaya con dios, because he’s the only one who has an ear to hear what you have to say a-mi-go!”
Then smile as you walk away—to live and serve another day.
*Recipe provided by a damn proud Chicana writer.
Sarah Rafael García is a writer, community educator, and traveler. Since publishing Las Niñas, she founded Barrio Writers. Her writing has appeared in LATINO Magazine, Contrapuntos III, Outrage: A Protest Anthology For Injustice in a Post 9/11 World, La Tolteca Zine, Lumen Magazine, among others. Sarah Rafael is currently the Editor for the annual Barrio Writers anthology and Co-editor of the Pariahs: Writing from Outside the Margins anthology.
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