Cabrona, a badass bitch, a stubborn muxer
Cabrona, an independent, a malviviente 
Cabrona, la highly opionionated, la muy seria 
¡Cabrona vas a ver cuando llegas a la casa! 
¡Pinche cabrona, vente para aqa!
¡Vete para alla, Cabrona!
Cabrona who does not smile
Cabrona con big chichis
Cabrona trying to make it in time to be home before she is considered a “cualquiera”
Cabrona who cries beneath the sheets late night while the rest are asleep
Cabrona who carries remedios in her bag 
Cabrona who aspires to be a writer
Ay! Cabrona!
Cabrona who likes it rough
Cabrona who likes to be on top
Cabrona who likes to go first
Damn, Cabrona!
Cabrona, used in la casa
Cabrona, used in the streets
Cabrona, used in the bed
Cabrona, who defines herself
Today, she is Cabrona mala
Tomorrow, she will be, Cabrona who writes
Marilynn Montaño is writer from Santa Ana, California. She is a proud daughter of migrant parents from Puebla, Mexico. She was a featured poet on PBS News Hour with her piece titled, “His Machucada Hands”. She served as a Writing Advisor & Program Director for Barrio Writers in Orange County for five years. Early 2018, Montaño participated in a collaborative artist residency with Crear Studio at CSUF Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, California.

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