She knocks the dirt off hands and knees
Mittens, old and tired, has a new bed.
Later drinking Shiner on the porch
smiles as wind carries old cat lady
remarks her way.  Everyone on street
has eaten vegetables from her garden
the best and biggest in the county.
She remembers the 70’s, when her knees 
still fit a man’s shoulders.
While neighbors put another day
in boxes of could’a, should’a and might haves;
her hair is blowing back, in memory
of faded blue micro-bus, and a man
tasting of lager, winter mornings and time.
Learning that destiny
does not do home visits. 
Michelle Hartman’s new book, Wanton Disarray, just published, along with her other books, Disenchanted and Disgruntled, Irony and Irreverence & The Lost Journal of my Second Trip to Purgatory, are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Hartman’s work has been published in numerous journals as well as various other countries. She is the former editor of Red River Review.

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