Bunuelos for Christmas at my grandma’s house on a warm December evening
Raspa stands in the summer with my cousins on sizzling summer days
Ojo from the ladies walking el centro down Elizabeth street looking at your mom’s new purse
Winter never coming because it is hot all year round
Nachos y elotes early in the morning from visiting la pulga just to walk around
Sombrero Fest in late February with school days cut in half just to make it to the parade on time
Vulgar words coming from my grandpa after the Cowboys lose on Sunday games
Iglesia los domingos por que dios ve todo as my mom would say
La Michocana every Thursday to get good deals on the carne for the weekend cookouts
La Pitada down Southmost when the Cowboys do win on Sunday games and grandpa is not so vulgar
Everything from the food, culture, traditions and people are what make me call 78521 my home
Vanessa is a second-year student at Texas Southmost College pursuing her associates in Social Work. She enjoys visiting the parks, spending time with her family and working on the weekends.

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