[definition] body 
noun  \ ˈbä-dē \
Related to Old High German botah from the 9th century, but of unknown origin. 
Replaced in use by Leib, originally "life," and Körper, from Latin.
1.   the sense or idea of something that takes space or has purpose.
      every cell with its purpose, every breath its own world. What cannot be undone.
2a. the trunk – the truth – without its limbs to tell an opposing story.
      my hands say yes but my core shows I will not budge.
      or, matter, a beauty in symmetry – set adrift in an ocean without boundary,
      no stars for guidance – tethered to the magnet stirring within this earth.
      The truth of the matter [a saying].
2b. the heart, viscous, constant.
       the density of this house, how walking away doesn’t equal escape.
3.    a mass, distinct from another mass. 
       water, the tension holding all just at the lip of a glass.
       sana sana colita de rana [colloquial].
4a. the enclosed portion; a secret. also, a portion of text. a dress, cloaking the figure.
       my shoulders shrouded in misplaced history.
4b. sound box. reverberations along the walls used to define the dimensions of the matter.
       my ear against your chest reveals the ocean’s entirety.
5.    community: a group of linked people.
       to be strong is to ask to have that strength tested. 
6a. fullness. rich. the weight of a sip of wine. the blood circulating. release. new life.
       this is me. this is my body. this. touch this.
       ocean floor, mushroom cap, tilled soil.
       tree rings, sandstone, mold.
       dust. wind.
6b. resonance.
See also, fallacy or hymnal.
Some definitions pulled and reworked from Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. 
Origin of the word notes from Online Etymology Dictionary.
Jo Reyes Boitel is a poet, playwright, essayist, arts activist, rabid music listener, researcher, percussionist, and Texas transplant by way of Minnesota, Florida, Mexico, and Cuba.

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