The lines were drawn
In this battlefield that was our home
The sides we were allowed to take were chosen for us long ago.
And at the first sign of warfare, we know to take cover.
We barricade ourselves in the wombs that once gave us salvation 
But now hold us prisoner.
And though our leaders are often allied, when they are not, 
As their offspring, we can no longer be.
It's only in these times of war we are reminded that the word step
Does not to allude to a stepping stone, 
Stepping forward, 
Or a stepping ladder leading up to the heavens that cry for peace,
But rather to drill into us that we are
Marching steps 
The certificate of their love only proves to be shackles tied to their feet
And our certificates are active receipts of a draft without enlistment 
To be their soldiers, 
To defend their honor, 
After all, we bare their names
We arm ourselves with the deadliest of ammunitions
Our tactful words, grenades
Our piercing glares, bullets
Our deadly silence, nuclear
Aim, set, fire!
Oh, how I wanted us all to be on one side. 
But Dear Girl! 
They shout to me 
Those are not the rules of the bloodlines.
Amanda Nicole Peña is a current senior at UTRGV majoring in English with a concentration on teaching for grades 7-12 and a minor in psychology. She finds creative writing and poetry as her outlets to express herself on controversial topics that affect her life.

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