Translation : Bibekananda Choudhury
A certain fear
Keep chasing me
Day and night
I understand
But cannot explain
I can identify
But cannot show
What is the name of that fear
That keep chasing me
Even in my dreams
The fear
That a child suddenly cries out of
Is it the same fear
That keep chasing us
Throughout the life
Like the shadow
Is our lifelong companion
Make us more timid
Staying with us till death
Living with fear
I have defeated it
Original : Assamese : Guna Moran
           গুণ মৰাণ
ভয় এটাই
দিন ৰাতি খেদি ফুৰে
বুজি পাওঁ মই
 বুজাই দিব নোৱাৰোঁ
চিনি পাওঁ মই
আনক দেখুৱাই দিব নোৱাৰোঁ

কি নাম সেই ভয়টোৰ
যি মোক সপোনতো খেদি ফুৰে

হঠাত উচপ খাই কান্দি উঠে
নাবালক শিশু এটি যি ভয়ত
সেই ভয়টোৱেই খেদি ফুৰে নেকি আজীৱন আমাক

ছাঁটোৰ দৰে ভয়ও
জীৱন লগৰী
মৰালৈকে লগত থাকি ভয়াতুৰহে কৰে

সেয়ে মই ভয়ৰ সতে
সহবাস কৰি সহজে তাক পৰাজয়ভূত কৰিছো
Guna Moran is an upcoming poet and critic. His poems and literary pieces are published in most major vernacular journals and newspapers of the State. His literary honours include Kabita Dinar Sanman (2017), Bandhu Saki Bota (2019), Literary Lieutenant Award (2019) by Story Mirror, and the India Star Passion Award (2019). English translation of his poem was accepted for publication by national and international print & web magazines including Tuck magazine, Merak, Spillword, and Setu.
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