Riding a bicycle down
the Pan American Freeway
is a white knuckle experience.
I thought I liked
the rush of adrenaline-
but somehow it’s
different, less glamorous,
as I imagine my bones mangled
in asphalt, a Lexus bumper, and glass.
Still, it’s the fastest
way to get to where I’m going
and it’s cold out,
so I’ll take the chance.
It’s why I bought the helmet.
Fuck it anyway.
I’m not going to
let life kick my ass.
And if I get squashed
like an ant, so be it.
I’m sure God loves
every little ant he ever made
and they all go to Ant Heaven-
that big picnic in the sky.
Trier Ward is a mother, poet, and scientist. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and performs at open mics in the area. Her poetry appears in various anthologies and online forums including The Nervous Breakdown, Bohemia, and Mad Swirl. Her first book of poetry, Bruises and Love Bites, is available at lulu.com. Her second book of poetry, The Hollowscape, is forthcoming in 2016 from Penhall Publishing. To contact Trier, write to trierward@yahoo.com.
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