And sometimes it's Wednesday,
And sometimes hope is lying,
Pot of leeches covered in gold,
And sometimes tears are worthless,
Sincerity a clown,
Baby showers at the funeral,
Vegetarian hamburgers.
And sometimes words don't speak,
Blank page encyclopedia,
Inaudible music,
Trees falling in lonely forest
And sometimes poetry doesn't rhyme,
My bright darkness,
Smooth jazz with a shot of nirvana,
Bacon from a skinny pig,
Flat coke, yes, I like flat coke.
Julius Hunter is a New Orleans native living in San Antonio. He is a doctoral student at Our Lady of the Lake University pursuing a PhD in Leadership Studies. Julius works as personal trainer and group exercise instructor passionate about seeing people gain hope and make life changes that keep them successful in body, mind and spirit. He is new to poetry but loves the ability to share impactful words and paint a picture with life and heart.

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