We remember each other’s faces and then avoid each other’s eyes
Some people are only useful until it’s time to say goodbye
All the smiles and pointless chatter are simply ways to pass the time
And soon we each forget we ever met at the drop of a dime
“A penny for your thoughts?” they ask, but they have no change to spare
The inner musings of our minds aren’t things we’re willing to share
To forgive means to forget
Oh, how I wish it were true
I almost wish we never met –
Do you ever wish it, too?
Lissette Monrroy is a UTRGV student based in Brownsville, Texas who is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing. She is a writer of poems, essays, and short stories and spends most of her free time reading and staying up late. You can find her on campus sitting on a bench somewhere and you can find her on Instagram (@lm.siempre).

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