The most know radio news story was a hoax
Nothing’s faker then true TV
There’s so much info on the web for different people to believe 
So when was the truth ever really the norm
Times are changing
And I don’t think they are changing for the good 
How can Donald make this country great 
With just hate and calling everything he doesn’t like fake 
How can he claim to take us to a better future 
When he just focuses on wiping out the past 
He made so many promises but the only one he’s kept is making it seem like Obama was just a dream 
So we really believe racism isn’t a thing 
Because I’m Coming from a place that’s lower then low 
Where the cry’s are to south to be heard 
How can a Mexican American be successful when half of him is already assumed to be a criminal 
I go up north and every person talks to me like i don’t know English 
And at home
It doesn’t feel safe either 
because I’m only half of what I should be 
I go to work and old men make fun of me cause they say Spanish is a language I should already know how to speak 
So who am I 
What am I 
How can the world ever love me if it doesn’t even know me 
How can I look forward into the future when my own president talks about war like it’s a game of risk on Twitter 
And he’s only risking kids like me 
But I know there’s a future ahead where life and hate ain’t in the sentence when it comes up in someone’s head 
Where everyone just looks at people for lives and not just faces that are different 
But then again it started as a dream and is still there 
So what can we do 
because one man can’t change the world 
And if we leave it all to another man 
we go back to the majority ganging up on the minority through a person 
who’s claiming he’s gonna make to country great again
Omar Rodriguez has been writing longer than he wants to remember. It has really only been the one thing that has stayed constant in his life. Without it, he has no idea how he would be able to express myself. With writing, he can not just control but also learn to accept whatever is thrown at him.

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