I am from hurricane Harvey turned the first place I called home upside down
--Blue jays, Longhorns, and Chargers finally finding a place to call my hometown and a future Coog
-- Friday night lights red, white, and blue, Veterans High became my home for four years
--I am from being five years old and panicking porque se me olvido mi Conejito en la casa de abuelita. (because I forgot my bunny Conejito at my grandma’s house)
--Je suis francaise pero tambien soy mexicana and raised in America (I’m French but I’m also Mexican)
--I am from my parents’ trial and error, or at least that’s what being the oldest feels like
--gasping for air in shock because “OH MY GOD THEYRE REAL!”
--crying while the fireworks boomed and shook the stadium because the concert was over and it was their way of saying goodbye
--from the concerts that transport you to a state of nostalgia when the world seems to be crumbling at your feet
--from a family that I love so much even though they drive me nuts
I am from, oh did I mention I have a twin back in Houston? Yup it’s my dad, because I have two families which means my family is the size of Texas
--from I love looking like a glazed doughnut if not my makeup isn’t popping!
I am from I have a dream where the sky being the limit is a joke because I want to be an architect
I am from my boyfriend has no soul because he has tomato hair with a splash of cinnamon on his face and has always been my best friend
--from screaming like a murderer is chasing my best friend and I in her little snowflake car, Lexi, but in reality we’re singing the lyrics to “I’ve Got to go My Own Way.”
I am from the Lone Star state
I am from the night before Christmas
I am from a birth certificate that reads Laisha Aylin Perrett and this is just a preview to my life
Laisha Perrett is an eighteen year old born the night before Christmas who has so much to say but not many people to listen to it. Born in Houston, Texas and raised from the age of five and on in several places around The Valley until finally settling in Brownsville, Texas. Born with a love for English and History and it always shocks the world that a loud and outgoing person loves the subjects that are considered boring.  

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